In 1886 (marking the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence), the people of France gave THE STATUE OF LIBERTY ENLIGHTENING THE WORLD to the people of the United States of America as a gift of friendship. Today, it is the universal symbol of democracy and political freedom.

In 2026 (for the 250th anniversary of the U.S.A.), our French-American team will be in capacity to erect on the West Coast (looking toward the Silicon Valley) THE STATUE OF THE HEROIC ENTREPRENEUR WHO INNOVATES. It will become the universal symbol of entrepreneurship and economic freedom.

Respecting social diversity, other statues and scupltures of various heights and materials will be built in various locations around the world (e.g., National Mall, Washington, D.C.; Paris, France; London, U.K.; school and corporate campuses; etc.).

People will be able to buy statuettes that sync with the colossal ones, and the best entrepreneurs of the year will be awarded golden statuettes.

Let’s create a new colossus.

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Seven Wonders Of The World
Seven Wonders Of The World